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Critical Success factors businessSuccess has different definitions according to each individual. What is success to one person, is different to another.

There are many factors that determine success. But for an entrepreneur, the key success factors with any business is the mindset of the individual and their resultant actions.

The individual needs to condition their mind to become successful. They need to have positive beliefs, values, and attitudes to create a strong foundation for their journey to success.

They need to believe in themselves, have a ‘can-do’ attitude, and keep working towards their goals.

What ever business you have, whether it is a traditional brick and mortar or an online business, success starts from your mindset!

8 Critical Success Factors – Business Tips To Drive Success

1) Set Goals

To be successful in business, you need to set specific goals. For example, you can keep a diary and set a goal that you want to make $X by the end of this month, then you will write down what small actions you will take each day to try and reach that particular goal.

Keep focused and be persistent with your activities. Small consistent actions would make a big difference later on. If you fail at something, keep trying until you make it!

2) Dream Board

dream boardYou can create your own dream board and place it somewhere in your office where you can look at it each day to create those positive feelings and help keep you focus on chasing those dreams of yours. Add things like pictures and photos on your dream board.

3) Positive Thinking

Successful people are usually those who say things like “I will” rather than “I hope”. Their positivity can make things happen. They talk about ideas, the future, and are not afraid of change. In fact, they embrace change!

4) Do Not Give Up

Those that don’t give up easily will eventually achieve their goals. Success is a result of persistence and hard work.

For example, if a person has a new online business and wants to have 1000 website visitors per month, they may not see any results for the first few months even though they have consistently written keyword rich content on their website.

Success takes time, and won’t happen overnight! The key is to consistently work on it until you see results. If you are interested in creating your own online business, check out my review of an online university HERE!

5) Learn New Things

There are plenty of new things to learn. We need to constantly update our knowledge and learn new ways of doing things too. Those who think they know it all, don’t do much. So be proactive with upgrading your skills and learning a variety of new things.

6) Networking and Connections

networkingIt’s not just who you know that is important, but who knows YOU! Free advertising through word of mouth can be very powerful. So networking and meeting new people can benefit your business and help with your success.

People are more likely to trust someone that they have built a rapport with then someone who they do not know. So perhaps they would even refer your business to someone they know who is looking for your products or services.

7) Help Others To Succeed

Successful people are those who want to help and see others succeed too. They encourage and give others compliments to lift them up. They help others release their own potential so that they can be better at what they are doing.

If you run a small business and have staff, it is better to give your staff encouraging words, like “you can do it”, or “you are doing a great job” rather than criticizing them. Rewards or recognition for good performance can also encourage others to do a better job and make your business more successful!

8) Responsible

Successful people take responsibility for their own failures rather than blame others. When something fails, they are able to keep their head up high, make adjustments, take corrective actions, find solutions to problems, and move on! They don’t waste their energy pointing fingers at others!


Success starts from conditioning your mindset to think like a successful person. Developing positive beliefs, values and attitudes and taking actions are important success factors in business. I have covered 8 tips that you can practice for your business.

If you have any other ideas about improving an entrepreneur’s success in business, please share by leaving your comments below. Would love to hear about them!


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