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Wealthy affiliate (WA) is an online university that started in 2005 by Kyle and Carson to provide members with a wealth of resources to help them build a successful online business.

It is definitely one of the most reliable programs for those who are quite new to the area of niche marketing, online marketing, online businesses, and the like.

I have been part of the WA community for a while now and have found their training and resources very valuable and fundamental for helping me start my own online business.

Have a read of my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE!

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

Wealthy affiliate complaints are minimal. According to the BBB Business Review of Wealthy Affiliate, they have received a B+ rating on a scale from A to F. This is a pretty good track record. Within the last 3 years, they have only received 6 complaints against the business.

wealthy affiliate complaints.png

Of those 6 Wealthy Affiliate complaints, 3 of the complaints were resolved and the complainant was satisfied. While BBB did not receive a response for the other 3 issues. The main complaints were about losing write privileges and billing issues. These, however, are not such a big deal as I will explain below.

Wealthy affiliate complaint resolution.png

Complaint #1: Losing Write Privileges

This is one of the most common complaints about WA, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing either. When a person signs up for a Starter membership (free account), they get a taste of what WA has to offer for 7 days.

You can learn a lot within 7 days!

You can access some of the best tools, support, online courses, and communicate within the WA community.

But after the 7 day period is over, those who decide to stay on as a starter member can still get access to the WA platform, but their ‘write access’ has been taken away. I believe this is fair though.

If people don’t want to pay for good quality services and expect to get more from paying nothing, then they are not going to get very far.

What you pay for is what you get! If you want ‘quality’, you must pay for it! This principle applies for most things in life too, not just business.

Those who upgrade to become Premium WA members after the 7 day trial have access to much much more valuable tools and resources to help them create a successful online business.

Most people who are serious about building their online business would choose to upgrade and stay as premium members.

Now let’s look at SPAM! This is another reason why ‘write privileges’ are revoked. 

no spamWA community is a promotion free community. Spam or other inappropriate activity within the WA community are not permitted. There are rules within the WA community that members are expected to follow.

If members are going to break the rules and make others within the community feel uneasy with inappropriate activity like spam, porn or obscene language, then most likely there would be complaints against those things and your write access will eventually be taken away.

Complaint #2: Billing Issues

For those who did complain about this one, they probably didn’t keep track of their own membership and when they will be billed next, or perhaps they didn’t realize how easy it is to just stop the monthly payments if they didn’t want to continue being a member anymore.

What ever the reason may be, according to the WA terms and conditions, it does state that premium members will be billed on a monthly basis (unless you are a premium yearly member) and if you wish to cancel you must do so BEFORE the next billing date.

cancel wa membership

If people are still having problems with cancelling, then contact the creators of WA, Kyle and Carson! They will fix it up!


Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most reliable and affordable online universities that I have come across that teaches people all about online businesses.

They are only 6 complaints within the last 3 years, which is awesome! These complaints are not big issues either.

So overall, I would definitely recommend people to try out their 7 days. If you don’t like it, there is no obligation to upgrade.

So go and SIGN UP NOW and let me know what you think of it by leaving me some comments below.


Wealthy Affiliate Complaints — 9 Comments

  1. Hey thanks for the post,

    I too am a member at WA, landed on this page while surfing online.

    I haven’t been with WA for too long, but can honestly say a complaint is rare. Only seen it once, and it was resolved in minutes. More-so someone confused and upset than a complaint.

    Wealthy Affiliate however has been awesome since joining there. The results have surpassed my expectations already. Never thought I would have my own online business in the works!

  2. After being burned so many times, I find myself being a true skeptic. I have bought into some online gurus promising that I will make money, grab me with the low price and upsell me when I get inside. It’s truly depressing. I will look into this Wealthy Affiliate program. I have a lot to learn. Getting a free 7 day look at the program is very promising. Definitely something I will check out. I am looking for a legitimate business that will teach me everything I need to know. Do they teach total dummies? I know nothing about marketing or for that matter, how to build a website on my own. Will they teach me that? And are the lessons easy to understand?

    • Hi Kitty, wealthy affiliate is good for beginners like yourself. They will teach you everything you need to know about internet marketing, building a website etc. Their lessons are so easy to understand and follow. Give it a go. I can guarantee that you won’t regret it. It’s helped me learn how to create a successful online business, so I believe it will do the same for you too.

    • Hi Asghar, having the free 7 day trial is great because people can have a taste of how good this online university is. If people are not sure whether it is legit, then there is no risk of trying it out for the first week. I am also happy that complaints are very rare!

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