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free images for blogsIf you have a website and want to include high quality images to make it look appealing and professional to your audience, there are a variety of ways to do it.

I personally prefer to find free images for blogs that I post frequently on my niche website.

But, I have found that buying stock photos occasionally is good too because they are better quality and some are creatively designed.

6 Ways To Obtain Free Images

1) Use Your Camera

Having a good camera is one of the easiest and free ways to obtain an image. It really does depend on whether the ideal image for your website can be taken with your camera.

cameraIf you need a picture of a nice garden, you can perhaps go to a popular garden where the flowers and plants are well maintained, and take some really nice pictures there for your website.

Most cameras have a video function that you can use, so this can be useful for recording videos for your website.

If you have a smartphone with a camera, you can also use it too. But, I normally do not like the quality of pictures from smartphones, so I still take my camera around to take pictures whenever I need to.

2) Create Your Own

On many of my blog posts, I have created my own images with a photo editing software.  I can do all sorts of modifications and create something unique. It’s good to have original images for my website.

3) FreeImages

freeimages.comA great place that I source my free images is at www.freeimages.com. I have found this website very useful for my blog posts. They are royalty free images that people can download and use for their website. There are also premium images from iStock that people need to pay for if they want to use them. These premium images do actually look better.

4) PhotoPin

Photo PinA good place to look for free images for blog posts is www.photopin.com. They have a wide range of images that you can use on your website.

If you are planning on using these images, you need to select ‘non-commercial’ for licence type, then choose your ideal image and click on ‘get photo’ to download it.

You must also give photo credit or attribution. There is a html for attribution that you can use on your blog posts as proof that you are using this image legally. Below is an example of an image that I got from Photo Pin and my attribution added below the image. The text for attribution can also be included in the image if you like.


photo credit: Infographic – Social Media Marketing for Car Dealers via photopin (license)

5) DepositPhotos

DepositphotosSome free images can be found at www.depositphotos.com. But you need to scroll down to the very bottom of the page, and click on ‘Free Images’.

The majority of the images in this website are premium images, which I have found myself purchasing sometimes, especially if I see something that I really like. The images are pretty good quality.

People can either purchase a subscription or credits to be able to download these high quality images for their website. It works out to be quite cheap for each photo if a subscription was bought. Take a look at their huge range of images at depositphotos HERE!

6) Dreamstime

dreamstimeThis website www.dreamstime.com has a designated place for free stock images. They keep adding more free images as they become available. Take a look at their free stock images HERE! There are also plenty of premium high quality stock images available to download with either a credit package or subscription plan.



For bloggers, it is important to have good quality images for each blog post that you create. The audience love images and it keeps them interested in your blog post.

Sticking to free images can be very limited, so sometimes you would need to purchase some high quality premium images too. Especially the ones that are pretty creative and will make your articles look even more appealing to the reader.

Hope you have found this article helpful. If you have other ideas of getting free images for your website, please leave your comments below. Would love to hear about them


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