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Change Your Thinking To Change Your Life

Time to change your destinyWhat is destiny? Destiny refers to the flow of events that will inevitably occur in the future.  Our destiny is not set in stone, but can be changed. It all comes down to the way you think. Just change your thinking to change your life!

With life situations, we can not change anything that has happened to us in the past and how we have responded to them. But we can surely change the way we respond to life situations in our future.

Our thinking plays a critical part in dealing with change. If you have bad habits of thought, such as negative thinking, this translates into actions that hinders you from releasing your true potential to do great things.

Heritage and Habits

Each person has a heritage, which has a big influence on the way we think about life and how it should be lived. Our heritage includes family members, education institutes, culture, and personal experiences. Our heritage can help shape the person we are today. Authority figures in our lives have shaped our behavior norms and the way we do things.

We have all been brought up in a culture where we should go to school, get good grades, get into college or university, and get a good job. This is what our parents and our education institutions have taught us. We have been conditioned by our heritage to believe that following this conventional path is the way to success in life.

But, what they haven’t taught us is the skills to become successful in business. When we follow the conventional path, we will be workers for someone else’s business. Schools are great for equipping individuals with skills and knowledge to become valuable workers for companies.

Development Of Entrepreneurial Skills

RENEW YOUR MINDWhat if you want to take a different path and run your own business? Unless you have been brought up from a family who runs successful businesses, I believe that these entrepreneurial skills need to be learnt elsewhere and developed.

We need to condition our minds to think like an entrepreneur to become successful in our own business. This means that we need to learn from those who have made it in the business world.

This also means breaking our old thinking, behaviors and habits that have been shaped from our heritage, and renew our minds to think differently from the rest of the crowd and adopt new creative ways of doing things.

There is even a biblical principal that people can apply to their business life. In Roman 12: 2 says “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Destiny Is Not Shaped By Heritage

our thoughtsYou can change your destiny by how you think. Your destiny is not shaped by your heritage, but it is determined by your habits of thought, word, and action.

Your thoughts will impact your emotions, your emotions will fuel your actions, actions will create habit when done frequently. Then your habits will shape your destiny.

It is all linked!

Nature is made up of two basic building blocks, matter and energy. A “Thought” is an energy! This energy can be charged with emotions. If you add a “belief” to your thought, then you can empower that thought to do great things. Your actions will follow as a response to your thoughts and belief.

Wouldn’t it be good if you can empower every thought or idea that you have to grow your own business and become successful?

Failures Lead To Success

Entrepreneurs think different to the ordinary employee who works for a company. For example, the average person is conditioned to think that if we do something that doesn’t work, it’s a failure, and we should avoid doing it again. But for an entrepreneur, they believe that every failure is not really a failure, but a stepping stone to success. We must fail often in order to succeed!

Failure Is The Key To Success

Thomas Edison, the guy who performed many experiments in the hope of developing an effective light bulb and eventually succeeded and got it patented in 1879, was once asked why so many of his experiments had failed. But then he explained that his experiments were not really failures. Each ‘failed’ experiment meant that he had simply discovered a method that did not work.

This mentality must be applied in business. If you find that something doesn’t work, keep trying different things until you make it. Don’t give up so easily! Keep a positive attitude and believe in yourself that one day you can make it.

Remember, changing your destiny starts with changing the way you think! Our potential to succeed in any business and create a future for ourselves is determined by the way we think.


Our heritage have such a huge influence in our life, the way we think and behave, which sticks with us. Our old habits that we have learnt as children will not leave us until we choose to break them. Our heritage, does not determine our destiny!

The only way to change your destiny is really to change the way you think. Good habits of thinking will create good habits in our actions. This applies to business life and becoming successful with it.

See each failure as a stepping stone which brings you closer to success. If you like, you can read the article called “What are key success factors in business”. CLICK HERE!

Thanks for reading. Hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have found this article inspiring and helpful, please leave your comments below.


Time To Change YOUR Destiny! — 11 Comments

  1. Awesome post Teresa! I especially like your view on failure as a stepping stone instead of a waste of time – great entrepreneurial view!

  2. hi Teresa!
    You present good ideas in this post. Old habits can be very hard to change or break. But it is sometimes necessary to in order to grow and evolve.
    Although I am not a religious person, I really do appreciate the quote you have provided: “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.

    Our mind is constantly evolving and it has to, for us to take control over our own destiny. Every breakthrough in humanity was not achieved through conformity for sure!

    • Whether a person is religious or not, the same principle applies if people really want to make changes to their destiny. It all starts with the mind!

  3. I absolutely love this motivation topic. It has changed my mindset greatly. I used to not knowing what’s ahead, but after getting to learn entrepreneur skills, I feel somewhat reborn.

    You have a great character built. Awesome! Agree with what you say that the only way to change destiny is to change the way we think first.

  4. Hi Teresa, I have come across this concept before in one or two books I have read about beliefs indoctrinated from family and our education systems hindering rather than helping individuals to succeed in their own businesses. That needs to change, eduction should include study of “how to succeed in business” and not just “business studies” theory of established businesses. Good points about learning from your mistakes and not giving up. Good post!

    • It would be good if things do change with our education systems and equip people with the necessary skills to succeed in their own business. There are plenty of people who are interested in starting their own business.

  5. I love that last line. That’s a great way of looking at it. After chartering my boat for a few years, getting burned out, and going into debt, I used to say it was the biggest mistake of my life. But it helped me gain a lot of experience, and building a new resume. If I hadn’t done it I likely wouldn’t be employed right now or as far along on the path of creating a new life for myself.

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