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Name: Shutterstock

Website: http://www.shutterstock.com

Rating: 7/10

What Is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock was founded in 2003 and it is a website providing digital imagery licensing, such as photos, vectors, videos and music tracks, for people who are looking to include high quality stocks for their projects. These projects include blog posts, flyers, brochures, magazines, e-commerce store, and posters.

What I love about Shutterstock is that they have a wide variety of digital products to choose from.

shutterstock library

In comparison to another stock library that I reviewed previously called Depositphotos, Shutterstock actually have extra things available for people to download, such as, illustrations, icons, and music.

How Does Shutterstock Work?

how it worksPeople are required to register for an account with Shutterstock and are expected to purchase an appropriate subscription package.

If you are in the business who require high volume images for your projects, you can choose one of four professional subscription packages.

They have subscriptions for 1 Year, 6 months, 3 months and 1 month. This allows you to download 750 images every month for the duration of your subscription.

The longer your subscription, the cheaper each image works out to be. For example, if you chose the 1 year subscription for $199/month, that’s about 25 images per day for a month. This should work out to be $0.27 per image. But if you only choose a 1 month subscription for $249, then each image would cost you $0.33 each.

See below image for subscription payment plan.

shutterstock payment plan

Sell Your Own Photos And Make Money

photographerDo you have some really good photos or videos that you think people might want for their own projects? Wouldn’t it be great to make extra money with them?

Shutterstock is a global marketplace for people to sell royalty-free images, footage, vectors and illustrations. You can become a contributor and upload some of your top images or videos to sell online and make money. It works!

Some people have made lots of money from it, especially if that image is in high demand and gets downloaded numerous times. You can find out more about being a contributor at Shutterstock HERE!

I found the below video from Nick Stubbs, which demonstrates how to upload images to Shutterstock.


I think Shutterstock is a great place to find a variety of digital products for your projects. Their payment plans and pricing are quite reasonable. I always prefer to use high quality images for my own projects.

Shutterstock can benefit those people who like taking good images because there is that opportunity to make money from doing what they love.

Go to Shutterstock now and find out what kinds of digital products they have available. CLICK HERE!

If you are looking to create your own niche website and use shutterstock digital products to make your site more appealing, you can learn the skills to do this by reading my review on the highly recommended online university, and decide for yourself whether it’s something you want to pursue further. CLICK HERE!


Shutterstock Stock Photography: Review 2015 — 11 Comments

  1. Hi,
    I have often stumbled across shutterstock but for some reason I never thought about offering my own pictures for sale there. Great tip!
    And they definitely have the best pictures for websites and blogs.
    Thanks for your article about shutterstock.
    I learned a lot today!

    • Hi Moritz, it’s great to know that you learnt something from my article. Perhaps it’s something that you would like to try out if you enjoy taking nice pictures :)

  2. Hi Teresa,
    Great content, thanks for introduction to Shutterstock. Your review is the first I had heard of the company.
    Good images are had to come by, I will definitely be taking a close look.

  3. hi Teresa!
    what a great thing that Shutterbox! 750 pictures a month is certainly more than enough. Finding free pictures that one can actually reuse online can be a pain in the butt, time consuming and sometimes hard to find good quality pictures. It seems like with the one year membership, you get a lot for your money. Of course, one has to need lots of pictures every month to make it worth it but for those who do, this is perfect

    • It’s great for those who do lots of blogging since they are constantly adding new content to their blog website/s

  4. I have to agree that Shutterstock has a great selection of good quality images. Whenever I am looking for images to use on my site, the best and most appropriate ones are always on there. they really have an awesome collection.

  5. Shutterstock is so far my favorite place to find high quality images. Often times I run through an awesome picture that I wanted to use for my online business campaign. The subscription is definitely worth considering!

  6. I’ve used websites like Shutterstock in the past to try to make money from my photos. I have earned small amounts of money, but nothing very much. And I consider myself a good photographer, with a good camera. Defintely well above average. So I don’t think these kinds of websites are a great way to earn a lot of money. Have you made much money yourself from Shutterstock?

    • Hi Marcus,
      If a person has taken great pictures with a good camera, the question is whether that particular image is something that many people are after. If it is popular and in high demand, then I believe that the contributor has that potential to make lots of money from that particular image. A good image without much demand will likely result in low earnings.

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