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Name: SaleHoo Stores

Website: www.salehoo.com/stores


  • Basic $27/mth
  • Standard $47/mth
  • Premium $97/mth

Owner: Simon Slade and Mark Ling

Rating: 8/10

What Is SaleHoo?

SaleHoo was established in 2005 and is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. SaleHoo provides services for online sellers looking for products to sell online and also resources to get their business of the ground. SaleHoo products includes:

  • SaleHoo Directory: a wholesale directory with over 8000 verified suppliers spanning 150 categories
  • SaleHoo Stores: a website creating platform to help people create their online store in minutes
  • Online Selling Tactics: A premium training course that teaches people how to create a successful online business, and also reveal secrets of eBay Powersellers. Find out more about it HERE!

SaleHoo Stores Creates An E-Store In MINUTES!!!

In this post, I will only review SaleHoo Stores because there are so many people who are interested in starting their own independent e-commerce business.

The below video shows you how you can use SaleHoo Stores to create your own website in minutes. There’s even a timer there to prove it! They have all the tools there to help you set one up and start your own business straight away. No experience, No technical knowledge. It’s Great!

Benefits Of SaleHoo Stores

  • It is user friendly! Anyone can create their own e-store
  • They have monthly web hosting
  • Provides custom email accounts
  • Online support such as email, forum, phone, and other resources
  • You will receive a FREE $100 Google Adwords voucher to use
  • A FREE professionally designed custom logo for branding your store
  • Tools for search engine optimization (SEO) to get your website noticed online
  • Standard and Premium members will get access to SaleHoo Directory & Market Research Lab
  • Only Premium members will get access to other great features such as digital product processing and video training on generating website traffic to your e-store

Does Not Require A High Capital To Start Selling

One of the great benefits of using SaleHoo Stores to create your own website is that you don’t even have to purchase ANY stock!

All you need to do is just choose a niche, select the standard or a premium membership with SaleHoo Stores, set up your own website, and select products from the SaleHoo Directory to list on your website. Once a product a sold from your website, the suppliers from SaleHoo will send the product directly to your customers. Hassle Free, No risk at all!

This type of strategy is called Drop Shipping! If you don’t know much about drop shipping, read about it HERE!

When ever you list items on your e-store, they will rank in Google and help others find you online. SaleHoo has lots of resources to educate you about optimizing your website.

You can choose low competition niches such as gardening tools, collectable toys, and boardgames. Low competition niches means that the number of people selling these online are quite low. This would mean there are better chances of you making money with these kind of niches.

How Much Does It Cost?

SaleHoo Store Price Plan

Free Ways To Find Products To Sell Online

  • Use Google to find drop shipping suppliers for your niche
  • Use the SaleHoo Forum to find drop shippers
  • Use the SaleHoo Directory to find dropshippers. This is what I recommend, just search their listings. You will get a list of reliable suppliers.
  • Get all of the items you can find, and add it to your new eStore. Be sure to include pictures and mark-up the price.


SaleHoo Stores can make you life a lot easier when it comes to setting up your own online store. All the tools and resources are available.

If all this sounds good to you, why not just sign up to SaleHoo Stores, and start your own online business TODAY. Sign Up HERE!


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