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NICHEBefore starting any online business, it’s always a good idea to do some brainstorming about the type of niche you think would be interesting enough for you to promote products or services in.

It should be something that closely aligns with your passions/interests and something that you would like to write about in your blog articles.

So, I have come up with 4 great niche site ideas to help you with your brainstorming.

I used a keyword research tool from the Wealthy Affiliate Program to help me decide what people are searching for on the internet. If you are interested, have a read of my review of Wealthy Affiliate here. CLICK HERE!

Niche Ideas


baby feetThe target audience for this niche would be mums with young kids, pregnant women, and people who have friends or relatives that are expecting a baby.

Some popular keywords that I have found are listed below. The lower the competition score, the better the keyword is.

  • Baby Gift Ideas (8036 monthly searches, competition is 270)
  • Baby Shower Gifts (58148 monthly searches, competition is 258)
  • Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas (174 monthly searches, competition is 192)
  • Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas (160 monthly searches, competition is 115)
  • Baby Shower Ideas Themes (283 monthly searches, competition is 93)
  • Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas (327 monthly searches, competition is 115)
  • Baby Shower Party Ideas (905 monthly searches, competition is 158)
  • Personalized Baby Gifts (66047 monthly searches, competition is 261)


soapsThe natural products niche has become very popular over the last few years as more people are becoming more health conscious and want to avoid nasty chemicals.

This niche will target audience such as people who are sensitive and have allergies, naturopaths, people into holistic practices, yoga lovers, people in the health and wellness industry, vegans, environmentally conscience people, and organic lovers.

Some popular keywords are listed below.

  • Natural organic products (364 monthly searches, competition 263)
  • Complete natural products (181 monthly searches, competition 103)
  • Just natural hair products (213 monthly searches, competition 25)
  • Natural baby products (765 monthly searches, competition 271)
  • Natural products for skin (118 monthly searches, competition 270)
  • Source natural products (171 monthly searches, competition 203)


If you are a dog lover and can teach others how to train up their new best friend, then perhaps you can promote your expertise in training dogs. You may want to create your own videos/dvds and promote them on your own website, promote relevant products, and give some useful tips and advice.

Some of these keywords are as follows.

  • Dog obedience training (10996 monthly searches, competition 252)
  • Dog training tips (8449 monthly searches, competition 252)puppies
  • Dog training online (352 monthly searches, competition 203)
  • Dog training dvd (4090 monthly searches, competition 192)
  • Dog training supplies (3238 monthly searches, competition 266)
  • Dog training tricks (224 monthly searches, competition 190)
  • puppy dog training (2874 monthly searches, competition 169)
  • Dog training advice (491 monthly searches, competition 235)
  • Electronic dog training collar (326 monthly searches, competition 159)



flower petal cakeIf you are passionate about decorating cakes, perhaps you can have a blog site dedicated to this niche. You can teach others how to decorate cakes for special occasions with your own videos and recommend tools and techniques that people can use to make special creations to beautify their cake. There are plenty of relevant products/services that you can promote to cake decorating fanatics.

Some of the keywords that I have found for cake decorating are as follows.

  • Easter cake decorating (377 monthly searches, competition 123 )
  • Cake decorating ideas halloween (136 monthly searches, competition 59 )
  • Cake decorating classes (7020 monthly searches, competition 221)
  • Cake decorating videos (618 monthly searches, competition 135 )
  • Christmas cake decorating (265 monthly searches, competition 216)
  • Cake decorating sets (3640 monthly searches, competition 132)

Find Your Own Niche

There are 8 ways that you can find your own niche.

1) Find Opportunities in Keywords

You can use a keyword research tool like what I did to help you find what people are searching for online

2) Build an Interesting/Captivating Brand

If you are an expert in something, you can even brand yourself so that people will recognize you as the go to person in that particular niche and you’ll eventually have a large following.

3) Identify a Customer Pain Point

What can you provide that will solve the customers problem?

4) Identify Customer Passions

What are your target audience interested in?

5) Go With Your Passion

What are you good at? Are you an expert in any field? What interests you most? Act on what you are most interested in.

6) Look for an Opportunity Gap

Perhaps it may be something that no one has thought of before. It could even be something that many people are looking for, but hard to find. So maybe you could be the one providing that solution for people’s problem.

7) Consider Your Experience

What specific skills, expertise or experience do you have?

8) Capitalize on Trends Early

Get in early before it gets too competitive.

If you have found this article helpful, please leave comments below.


Niche Website Ideas for 2015 — 5 Comments

  1. I agree about choosing a niche that you are passionate about. I’m speaking from personal experience. Last year I was too excited in choosing a baby niche simply because I just became a father. I eventually got burned out, not only because of my adjustments of my fatherhood but because I decided on a niche in just a spur of the moment, it was like a “niche fling” actually. It was a tough lesson learned.

    • The baby niche is quite a popular one Glen.

      Passion is something that motivates a person to do a great job with their chosen niche. If you’re not passionate about a topic, you won’t be excited with what ever it is you are doing, and eventually lose interest. Even writing articles about the topic would just feel like a boring job.

      So it is very important to discover what you are really passionate about first before starting any kind of business.

  2. The steps for finding a niche are very helpful. I wish I had known them before I started my first website. It would have made the process much easier.

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