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An Overview Of National Wealth Center

NWCIf you have come across National Wealth Center, then you are probably wondering whether you should get yourself involved with this company to help you make a living online.

Don’t know what National Wealth Center is? It is basically another multi-level network marketing (MLM) company that sells digital products! This company was founded by Peter Wolfing in July 2014, who’s had years of experience in the MLM industry. His long history of building and ditching MLMs over the years have made me a little concerned about affiliating with his company.

After doing some research and looking at what other’s are saying about this company, I have come to the conclusion that their business opportunity is much like a pyramid scheme that I would like to steer clear off. There is a HEAVY EMPHASIS on recruiting people and LESS on selling high quality products.

In fact, their products are not even value for money. They are expensive and you need to purchase them before you can even promote them to make money. Why pay so much for digital products that you can find cheaper versions elsewhere online?

How Do People Make Money?

National Wealth Center’s compensation plan uses the reverse two up system, which is explained in the below video. Since it is an MLM company, there is a sponsor involved. As mentioned above, there is a strong focus on the recruitment of members to make money from this business. NO MEMBERS, NO MONEY!

National Wealth Center also has a video of their 10 Week Retirement Plan to show you how you can make lots of money in a short space of time. Does this sound like a scam? It sounds like one of those GET RICH QUICK SCAMS!

I have been in the MLM industry for quite a number of years and still find it difficult to recruit people into my business. Although MLM businesses are legitimate businesses to run from home, they are different to pyramid schemes like National Wealth Center. The difference here is that pyramid schemes have a focus on recruiting members into products that can’t be consumed, like self development trainings!

What Are The Products?

National Wealth Center have 7 different products and levelsThe first three is a month subscription, while the last 4 are optional and are one time levels.

  1. Self Development – $25 (monthly)
  2. Business Development – $50 (monthly)
  3. Wealth Advantage – $100 (monthly)
  4. Fitness Advantage Package – $250 (one-time)
  5. Wealth Advantage Elite – $1000 (one-time)
  6. Network Marketing Elite – $3500 (one-time)
  7. The Vault – $7500 (one-time)

People may get started with the $25, $50 or $100 monthly levels, but there is no expectation to pay for those high ticketed products. There is a $9.95 monthly membership fee. If you start off at the lowest level, it’s still going to cost you $34.95 to start your business.

My Opinion

I believe that many people who gets involved with a company like this is really after the MONEY! It has a compensation plan that is simple to understand and can be quite lucrative if you stick to their duplication system.

But on the flip side, it can get pretty expensive to purchase the products and promote them. They are not products that are unique or offer value for money. They are basically information products that are packaged and marketed for a high price. So actually, you are trying to sell some ‘junk’ to others to make a living.

I can’t believe that they even have a $7500 product! Try pitching this to your potential customers and see how it goes…

Even the $1000 and $3500 products look difficult to sell in my opinion!

Even with a MLM business with legitimate and high quality products, it’s still not easy to sell products that will cost somewhere in the thousands…so what makes digital products so different?

My verdict of National Wealth Center is simply this…It is a pyramid scheme that are selling expensive information products that are not unique! I believe that these types of businesses won’t stay around for very long because pyramid schemes eventually collapse. They are not sustainable in the long term!

If you want to build a solid long term online business, it is better to build one around your passions. You will enjoy it a lot more. It is definitely much much cheaper to get the right training to set up your own business. Find out more on how to do it. CLICK HERE!


National Wealth Center: A MLM Pyramid Scheme — 4 Comments

  1. It’s a shame that so many of these attractive opportunities end up being this sort of thing – they are always delivered so well!
    I think we all know by now that these MLM and pyramid schemes are set up for the big players to earn the money…and nobody else! Thanks for alerting us to this offer – it’s not for me!

    • Having a free account will limit your access to other useful tools and resources to help you make money online. I believe you can still make money with a free account, but not as much compared to a paid account unless you already know quite a bit about running online businesses and applying your knowledge.

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