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IPHONE SCAMLooks like the latest scam that I have just encountered is on Viber. Just a minute ago, I received a text message from +387603886752 congratulating me for winning a new iPhone 6 with installed Viber and extra apps. You can see the text message in the picture below. It looks very suspicious…nothing is for FREE!

To claim my prize, the message request that I enter my personal details, such as my address, and a 4 digit code via their link

If you receive this type of message on Viber, please ignore as it is most likely a scam. DO NOT SHARE PERSONAL/ FINANCIAL INFORMATION by replying to these messages and DO NOT SEND MONEY to these FRAUDSTERS.  Ignore it and Report SPAM

Similiar iPhone 6 scams were circulating on facebook last year. So if you see it on facebook, please ignore. Do not fall victim to these scams!

Viber Scam

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Mobile Scam Warning – Free iPhone 6 Viber Promotion — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you! This was very helpful. Today I got a text message from +8615918339466 congratulating me for winning a Samsung Galaxy S6. I never participated in any competition, but somehow my number was drawn out from a action offer. Similar to the message described in this article, I have to enter a 4 digit PIN to receive my award. I thought the text message itself was convincing, but off course it´s just a scam.

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