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LogoMiEssenceName: Miessence

Website: www.miessence.com

Price: From $50 for Basic Start to $312 for Fast Start

Owner: Narelle Chenery, Colin Chenery, Alf Orpen

Rating: 7/10

What Is Miessence?

Miessence is an australian company that manufactures the world’s first extensive range of internationally certified organic products for skin, hair, body, cosmetic, oral, and nutrition. This organics company uses a multi-level marketing strategy to sell their products directly to customers worldwide.

These fantastic products are pure, potent, and fresh. Distributors are given their unique website where they promote using their own marketing efforts, whether it is online or offline. Distributors are rewarded for any referring customers who purchase these products from their website, and any new distributors who join this business.

Extensive range of products

Who Is Miessence For?

There is a global market for these niche products. In fact, the organics industry has grown substantially in recent years due to people’s awareness of hazards related to synthetic chemicals in products, and a demand for non-toxic alternatives such as natural and organic products. There is also a growing demand for eco-friendly products that do not damage the environment.

Miessence is really for people who are interested in a natural and organic lifestyle and want to influence others to do so too. It is a great company to be a part of. Anyone who is interested in running an organic online business would love these products.

They are authentic. There’s nothing fake about them.

There is a lovely review about the Miessence facial serums here. CLICK HERE!

My Personal Experience With Miessence

MLMIn my years of experience in the MLM industry, I have tried a variety of different MLM businesses and didn’t stay very long because of loss of interest over time. I wasn’t passionate about their products either. One common theme from those MLM companies was that they had a focus on selling the dream of getting rich.

During my search for a new online business idea, I stumbled across someones website selling Miessence organic products. When I did further research, I realized how good these products are. So I decided to join as a distributor and try it out.

It was so different to the other MLM companies that I had previously joined. The focus was not so much on the dream of becoming rich, but helping people solve their problems with these wonderful products. Once people start using them, they usually fall in love with them!

Now, 4 years later, I am still a distributor of the company and am not leaving any time soon. My personal opinion is that these organic products are the BEST! There are lots of other brands of products in the market that claim to be natural and organic. But to me, I still prefer to stick to a brand that I trust.

Miessence also have a lucrative compensation plan, so you can eventually reach your goal of working full time from home. They do have lots of support, training, and resources to help you with running your own Miessence business.

Why Should You Consider Organics For Your Online Business?

If you are considering a niche business, why not consider organics.

Watch this webinar of the Organic Revolution. CLICK HERE!

According to Transparency Market Research, organic skin care products appear to be the largest segment in terms of generating revenue in the organics personal care market. Next comes the hair care segment, where growth is seen as a result of new product launches and widening of distribution channels. The cosmetic and oral segments are also attractive to consumers as growth is seen in the market.

With so many more people become increasingly concerned for their health and safety, I don’t think growth in the organics industry would slow down. So it’s really a good chance for anyone to tap into the organics market and benefit from this growth.

Even if you don’t choose to join as a distributor of Miessence, you can still consider running your own organics business. Perhaps you want to set up your own online store to sell natural and organic products, or write a blog about this niche. You can read about how you can do this here. CLICK HERE!

My advice is to follow your passions!

If you are interested in joining the Miessence business, CLICK HERE!

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Miessence Home Based Business Review — 5 Comments

  1. I had not heard about Miessence Homebased Business but it looks like a really promising business opportunity. I really like organic products. They are usually high quality stuff and making them does not harm our environment. Great review!

    • Miessence do have great products! People can even join as a distributor just to receive exclusive discounts if they love the products so much and use them frequently. So it is quite flexible.

  2. I would really like to start my own home-based business. I do not drive so this would be ideal. I also am very health conscious and use organic products whenever possible. . I am on a fixed income right now and would love to become financially independent someday.

    Brenda Varjabedian

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