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What is MOBE? Why is MOBE a scam?

Mobe ScamMOBE stands for My Online Business Empire. It was only recently that I realised that it’s name has slightly changed to My Online Business Education.

CEO Matt Lloyd owns this marketing and business training company, which offers their members online training, tools, and products to help people set-up their own online business with the promise of making LOTS and LOTS of money.

I first came across MOBE while checking my facebook updates. At the time, I was looking for an online business opportunity. So I clicked onto the MOBE advertisement to have a look.

After doing a bit of digging around to see whether this is something that I should get myself involved into, I have come to the conclusion that this business opportunity is most likely a scam and am so glad that I didn’t join.

One of the problems that I had about MOBE is the many upsells that they have for members who have joined. I believe that their products are overpriced and it would feel like you are buying more of their expensive products online so that you can sell them.

There is also that emphasis of recruiting more and more people under you to do the same thing, which sounds more like a pyramid scheme to me. With MOBE’s system, it’s pretty much all about making as much money as you can, and not really about helping people.

Don’t Be Fooled By Low Entrance Fee

low costAlthough the initial entrance fee of $49 is considered very low, MOBE usually have a list of products that you are required to purchase to get anywhere in the program.

So the longer you stay in the program, the more likely chance that you are going to invest more and more money into this ‘so-called’ business opportunity.

One of MOBE’s top selling products is called My Top Tier Business (MTTB). This 21 step system teaches you how to sell their high ticketed products online to give you high commissions. He ‘guarantees’ you $500 that if you don’t make any sales within 30 days after completing the 21 steps, then you will get $500 in cash.

But, I bet you that you wouldn’t get your $500. Do you know why? Well…there is a catch! You must complete ALL 21 steps, which includes purchasing all Matt Lloyd’s hidden products. By the time you finish the steps, you would have spent over $1000 already. Even if you get $500 back, you still lost money!

The more MOBE products you buy and promote, the happier the person who enticed you to join this program under them. Before long, you might find yourself spending tens or thousands of dollars on products before you even start making sales.

money in walletThere are some people who have invested $20K or $30K on MOBE only to find out later that it really is just a cleverly crafted scam to reel those money hungry people into their system.

With that amount on money, there are plenty of things that I could do such as put a down payment on a house, go on a dream holiday, buy a legitimate business, buy a new car etc.

Learn Online Marketing For Cheaper…

cheapIf I wanted to learn about online marketing, I would not pay someone a ridiculous amount of money for it and help them sell their products or system for them. There are plenty of resources to learn how to run an online business for much much cheaper!

I have learnt my online marketing and business building skills from an online university called Wealthy Affiliate, which offers me great value for my money. The investment is no where near tens of thousands of dollars.

Most importantly, I know that it is a legitimate program that teaches me how to build my own online niche business. Have a read of my review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE!


My own assessment of MOBE is that it is definitely a Scam! The whole thing just doesn’t sit well with me, especially with their hidden upsells.

Those people who signed up for their system would have lost money on their initial entrance fee already if they had decided along the way to not buy their expensive products.

I can only suggest to people not to get involved at all. There are plenty of critics out there that also agree that MOBE is a scam! A very expensive scam to be involved in.

On the other hand, there are those who have made money from it, especially because MOBE’s expensive products do give people high commissions. But I do wonder how much money have those people invested on MOBE products first before they started getting some return for their investment?

For me personally, I would rather make my money ethically and build a legitimate business rather than join a scam to help me make lots of money. I believe that these types of scams will eventually fall apart. Like pyramid and ponzi schemes, they are not sustainable in the long run.

Thanks for reading. If you have joined MOBE, tell me about your experience. Would love to hear about it.


Matt Lloyd’s MOBE Scam — 2 Comments

  1. I was a former member of MTTB before.
    The program seemed to be convincing at first, but I was WRONG!
    The coach is actually a sale phone team where their job is to get your hard-earn cash for something worthless.

    You are actually learning how to promote the same thing over and over again. That’s an obvious ponzi scheme. It makes us like donkeys chasing for an imaginary carrot. Besides, the support is really lame.

    I myself never look back since then after being pitched with $2K upsell.
    I would rather join Wealthy Affiliate because of the training is based on passion, and the owners are genuinely helpful as well.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Edy. It really does seem very convincing at first, and most scams are like that unfortunately. If it wasn’t convincing, then why would people bother joining. This is why MOBE makes so much money…people just keep falling for this scam in the hope of getting rich from it.
      It is better for people to build their own business based on passion. You are more likely to do better if you are passionate about the products or services that you are promoting to your customers.

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