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If you have ever come across this home income kit scam that had been circulating on the internet in the past, then I sincerely hope that you didn’t fall into the trap of signing up into this ‘so-called’ work from home business opportunity.

Their website,, doesn’t seem to contain any content except for related links. Perhaps the fraudsters know that they have been exposed and decided to disappear.

But if they ever reappear again in the future, or you see something similar, then RUN! You don’t wan’t to give out your credit card details to fraudsters!

Now you’re probably wondering, who on earth is Karen James, and why is her home income kit is a scam.

Let’s Meet Karen James


Karen James claims to be a single mom who’s making thousands of $$$ per month just by working with Home Income Kit.

Is Karen James a real person???

If she’s a real person, then how come she appears to be everywhere at once?


Have a look at the below clone websites with her face on it, but only the name has been changed.

Same Face…Different Name

The first website claims that her name is Melissa Johnson from Cambridge. The second website claims that her name is Theresa Andrews from San Diego!

Basically these fraudsters have used the same stock photo to deceive vulnerable people.



Karen James Is Multi-Directional!

Not only has she got a different name for each clone website, but she can also be found facing either direction. Weird huh?

Note: The other websites in the images below are not scams. It basically shows that Karen James is not a real person, only a stock photo used by fraudsters for their home income kit scam!

Karen James Is Facing Right

karen james facing right

Now She Is Facing Left

karen james facing left


Be careful of similar scams like Karen James Home Income Kit. Don’t give out your personal details until you are sure that the business opportunity is legitimate.

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