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jaaxy imageName: Jaaxy

Website: www.jaaxy.com

Price:  Free for 30 Searches
$19/ month for Jaaxy Pro
$49/month Jaaxy Enterprise

Owner: Kyle and Carson

Rating: 9.5/10

What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is an online keyword research tool to help online businesses optimize their website with keywords. It is the best keyword tool that I have come across on the internet. It is very easy to use for people of all skill levels and very affordable compared to many other keyword tools on the internet.

Importance of Keywords

The success of your website is determined by the keywords that you use when writing content on your website. Keywords are very important to create free website traffic and help your potential customers find your online business.

Without website traffic, your online business would not get noticed. It may be a very beautifully designed website with interesting words, but no one is around to read it.

This is where a keyword tool becomes handy. It has many features to assist you with your research on specific keywords so that you will know what your target audience is looking for, know how competitive the keyword is, and how effective it will be to help your website get ranked well in Google.

The goal that people want to achieve is to eventually get ranked on page 1 of Google on specific keywords.

How To Do Keyword Research With Jaaxy

Let’s take a sneak peek inside Jaaxy and see what they have to offer. When you want to research a particular keyword, you just enter the keyword into the search box and Jaaxy will give you the following information of that particular keyword.

Jaaxy toolbar

Avg: Average number of monthly searches that particular keyword. Anything with website traffic over 100 is already quite good.

Traffic: The number of estimated clicks bases on 1st Page Rankings on Google.

QSR: Stands for Quoted Search Result. It is the number of competing website pages for that keyword. A good indication of a quality keyword to use for your content writing is anything below 300. But for new websites, choose keywords low competition keywords with QSR below 150 instead.

KQI: Stands for Keyword Quality Indicator. It will show one of three colors for the keyword. Red indicates that the keyword quality is POOR because there are too much competition. So avoid using these keywords for your content writing. Yellow means the keyword is OK. While Green indicates GOOD quality and should be included in your content writing.

SEO: It is a score based on the traffic, QSR, and KQI of that keyword. The higher the score the better the SEO power of the keyword. 100 is considered the best, while 1 is the worst. So anything over 90 is a good indicator that the keyword is good to use in your website content.

Domain: It shows the domain availability for that keyword. If the domain is available, you can purchase it and it is likely to generate free website traffic for you. Good domains to choose are those that end with .com or .org, which I have mentioned in another article called Top 10 SEO Blog Tips.

Example Of Keyword Results

I did a search on the keyword “Online Business Opportunity” and taken a screen shot of the results that Jaaxy gave me for this keyword. I have placed an orange box on QSR to emphasis on the competition of these relevant keywords.

Jaaxy QSRHigh competition keyword like ‘online business opportunity’ has a QSR of 303, so KQI shows a red color dot indicating that you should avoid this keyword and choose another one.

The keyword ‘online home based business opportunity shows a QSR of 221 with a yellow dot next to it. This keyword is alright to use even though the competition is quite high.

Then there are the rest of the other keywords that are considered low competition with a green dot next to them. So write your content based on one or more of these keywords. There are higher chances of Google ranking your articles under these keywords so that your target audience can find you online.

One of the great things about Jaaxy is that you can save keywords to your own list. So you can create a list of keywords for your different niche topics as a reference for you to write your content. On the example above, I have selected 4 keywords to save to my list, which I have named “home business keywords”. Those keywords have the “L” highligted in green next to it.

Other Useful Features Of Jaaxy

Site Rank:

Site rankThe great thing about this feature is that you can monitor how your website is performing on any keywords or keyword phrases. Just type in the keyword together with your domain name and see what Jaaxy comes up with. You will also be able to see other websites that are ranked for that keyword or phrase. If you have made some changes to your website, you can check whether your rankings have improved.

Alphabet Soup:

alphabet soupThis is a method of finding new keyword ideas for writing your content for any niche. You can do this with the Google’s search bar. Just enter a keyword and Google will start guess what your next words or phrases might be. This feature is built into Jaaxy. Once you find some keyword phrases that you like, you can do a search like my example above and see what results Jaaxy will give you.


brain stormThis feature will provide you with a list of the top trending topics online. This will help someone to brainstorm new ideas to write about in their niche topic and also find other niche ideas to perhaps start another online business with. There are many great ideas out there.


Jaaxy’s Membership Levels

There are three membership levels in Jaaxy.

1) Free Starter Membership

One of the advantages of Jaaxy is that you can try before you buy. Try Jaaxy out by performing 30 searches with this FREE membership. No risk at all! Just enter a keyword in the Jaaxy plugin below and see what happens.


2) Pro Membership

This Pro membership costs $19 per month. It will allow you to perform unlimited keyword searches and provide all key metrics, perform domain searches, find site rankings and more. This membership is great for new websites and helps people find relevant keywords for their content writing.

3) Enterprise Membership

This membership level is suitable for power users and allows further access to some very powerful features to help increase the success of an online business. It costs $49 per month. Many of the features are automated such as domain search and QSR scores. It generates results much faster and saves time. This membership is highly recommended for entrepreneurs who are serious about making money from an online business.

Click on the picture below to see clearly what each membership level has to offer. Sign up for your FREE membership HERE. If you still want more, just upgrade it to either Pro or Enterprise. It’s really up to you!


Jaaxy is a fantastic keyword tool to use if you are serious about optimizing your online business with good quality keywords so that your target audience will be able to find you. Keywords make a big difference to the success of your business. Jaaxy is user friendly and affordable. It would suit people from all skill levels, from newbies to more advanced ones.Try out Jaaxy for free today and see what you think.

If you have found a keyword tool that you think is better than Jaaxy, would love to know about it. Please leave comments below.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review — 7 Comments

  1. This is a good review of the Jaaxy tool. Your description of the different fields makes it easy to understand how to choose a quality keyword. It seems like Jaaxy is a powerful keyword tool. You mention some other features like Brainstorm and Alphabet Soup – have you used these? Are they valuable in helping to select keywords?

  2. You have really gone in depth here Teresa with this Jaaxy Review, you have explained all the parts of the tool in a way that is easy to understand.

    I do use Jaaxy and it is like you say the best keyword tool I have found and I have used a few in the past. I find it saves me so much time and as you point out you can check on your rankings for keywords that you are using. A really well thought out review Teresa.


    • Hi Robert,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Jaaxy. I’m glad to hear that you find this tool very useful. I am confident that many people who have not tried this tool before should really give it a go and make their own judgement. It is good value for money and so easy to use. I would have to agree with you that it is the best keyword tool that I have found so far!

  3. Excellent Jaaxy review Teresa. The way this tool conveniently finds the keywords that we need is genius. There are a number of keyword tools out there but the way the grab there data are mostly outdated and or inefficient. I remember purchasing a tool called market samurai years ago and back then it was one of the best. I still have my lifetime activation code but have never found it user friendly plus it comes with too much extra’s that’s just not needed. Jaaxy is the perfect balance between necessary metrics and user friendliness. I love it.

    • Hi A.D.Rice,
      There are definitely plenty of keyword tools out there to help make people’s life’s easier. But people need to find a tool that is right for what they want to achieve. To me, Jaaxy is my kind of tool that suits my needs. I enjoy using it. Really find it quite useful!

  4. Hi Tso,

    Thanks for the nice posting. Just to add on that, keywords make or break a blog/website and online businesses. Jaaxy helps a lot in this. With Jaaxy, one does not have to guess anything. Data speaks for itself. This enhances your success in that you focus your energy and resources where it matters most.

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