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In this post, I will show you how to select keywords for seo of your website, especially if you have a blog and need to optimise it with keyword rich articles.

Best Keywords For SEO

best keywords for seoWhen you are doing some research for keywords to use for your blog articles, finding long tail keywords for seo works wonders. If you don’t already know what long-tail keywords are, then keep reading.

Keywords are classified as either “long tail” or “short tail” keywords. Long tail keywords are narrow keywords and will target less competitive niche markets. These keywords comprise of more words or phrases.

If your articles are ranked under these long-tail keywords, it will help other people find your website easily as they are generally more specific and less competitive. Examples of long tail keywords include:

  • Best fishing spots in tasmania
  • How to start a hamper business
  • Top places for brunch in brisbane

On the other hand, short tail keywords are very broad search terms and are highly competitive. They are not very specific, and it makes it much harder for other people to find your website. The below graph illustrates that the more specific the phrases, the lower the competition and searches.

long tail keywords for seo

Ways To Find Long Tail Keywords

1) Use Google’s Keyword Search Tool to get suggestions with the Alphabet Soup strategy. Read about it HERE!

2) Once you have typed in a keyword on Google’s Keyword Search Tool, you can scroll down to the very bottom where it says “Related Searches For”

3) Use Ubersuggest for ideas of keyword phrases. Just type in your target keyword and press “Suggest”

Check Competition Of Keywords

Once you have determined your long tail keywords, be sure to use a keyword research tool like JAAXY to check how competitive those keywords are. Read my review on JAAXY HERE!


The more specific the keyword phrase, the less competitive it is, and the more likely chances of others finding your website. There would be people all over the world who will type in all kinds of search terms. So it helps to use keywords on your website that targets a specific audience who are looking for what you have to offer. Read my article on “How To Do Keyword Research” HERE!

Thanks for reading. If you have any other ideas on how to find long-tail keywords, please leave comments below.


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