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worf from home scamsDo you ever wonder why work from home or business opportunity scams are so successful?

With the advance in technology and everyone using the internet, scammers are actively seeking those who are vulnerable all around the world because of one thing – MONEY!

The following groups of people are the ones that are the most vulnerable and scammers are looking to take advantage of their situation.

Vulnerable Groups

1) The Stay-At-Home Mother

Work from home opportunities are very attractive to stay at home mothers because they have children to look after, and want to make extra income too. There are so many of these work from home opportunities on the internet, such as work from home job or home business opportunities, but not all of them are legitimate.

2) The Sick, Disabled, or Elderly

elderlyPeople that fall in this group may have difficulties finding or holding a traditional job and have a steady flow of income coming in.

So they may turn to the internet for opportunities and may become victims of scammers.

3) People without higher education

This group of people may not necessarily be dumb, but they may be in less fortunate situations where their family couldn’t afford to pay for their education, or perhaps they were school drop-outs and went off to do something that they are more passionate about.

But what ever the reason may be, these people may be looking online for opportunities to earn a living or perhaps make some extra money to help pay their tuition fees.

4) Loss Of Job

job lossPeople who are out of the workforce by either retrenchment or being fired for doing something wrong, are particularly vulnerable. They may have bills piling up and no money coming in to help them pay the bills.

These people are often desperately searching for either another job, or business opportunities to make ends meet. Scammers love people in this group.

Watch Out For 3 Red Flags

If you fall within one of those groups and you are considering a work from home or a business opportunity, look out for these 3 things:

1) Request For Upfront Payment

If someone comes up to you and starts pitching their work from home/business opportunity and then request for your credit card details or your money, stop right there!

Have you had a chance to take a good look at the business model to see if it suits you? If you haven’t done so and they are pushing for an upfront or initial payment, then you’ll need to use your judgement!credit card

2) False Promises or Hype

It is so common to find internet ads that promise you of making tens of thousands of dollars per month just by doing simple jobs like placing ads here and there, answering emails etc. But once you get into it, then you’ll realize that you are not making what they have promised.

False PromisesIt’s all rubbish! Only the scammers profit, not the victims. So don’t buy into those false promises!

If you want to know whether the opportunity is a good investment, it would be good if you can find someone who actually did make that amount of money from that particular opportunity. Speak to them about it!

3) A business model that focuses on recruiting people rather than selling products

These types of opportunities include pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes, and some MLM scams. You can read more about these schemes HERE!

A good business model should be sustainable, unlike pyramid schemes, and there should be good products to sell to like-minded people.



To summarize this article, the scammers look for people who are stay at home mothers, those who are sick, disabled, and the elderly, people without higher education and those who have lost their jobs. These are the groups of people who are the most vulnerable and are easily taken advantage of.

The 3 red flags to avoid with considering work from home/business opportunities are upfront payment requests, false promises, and business models who mainly recruit new members to sustain the business.

If you want to find out more about red flags to avoid, have a read of this article HERE! 

Hope you have enjoyed this article. Have you been a victim of some online scams while you were in a vulnerable situation? Please share by commenting below. Would love to here about it!


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