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honestyEarly this year, I came across a story about this disgraced 23 year old wellness blogger, Belle Gibson, who deceived her trusted followers that she was a survivor of blood, spleen, brain, uterus and liver cancers.

She built her career promoting alternative medicine to cure cancer, and even released her cookbook and an award winning app, The Whole Pantry.

She literally made so much money from her blogging business and promised to donate some of the money to selected charities, which she never did. When the truth came out that it was all a lie and that she never did have cancer, everything began to fall apart.

Her interview with 60 minutes Australia shows that she is still lying to the audience. What surprised me is that she wasn’t even sure of her real age, claiming that she is a 26 year old. More about her interview HERE!

So imagine if you had built your own successful business based on lies and eventually the truth comes out to your audience that you have been lying all along. You business will definitely not survive for very long.

So it comes down to the point I am trying to make in this article. Honesty is really important in business! If you are going to build a successful online business and have a large following of people who will trust your brand, products/services, and retain your loyal customers, you need to be honest!

If you tell your audience that you will do something, such as donate a certain percentage of sales to charity, then they will take your word for it and expect you to follow through with it.

Once trust is broken, it will take a loooog time to repair it. A business that took years to build can be destroyed completely as negative word of mouth from customers can spread like wild flower!

So, for the benefit of your online business, be sure to practice honesty!


Honesty Is The Best Policy — 16 Comments

  1. Great article and so true!

    What really drives me crazy is all of the self proclaimed “Gurus” out there selling products that they claim to have a tons of success with but haven’t even used themselves, nor would they.

    I been ripped off myself many times by people who build a business on lies that I am coming to the conclusion that it’s not possible to make an honest living on the Internet.

    Any advice? I’m hoping you can prove me wrong.

  2. Hi Teresa, thanks for sharing this short and sweet article.

    Indeed, honesty is a virtue that is rarely found in the Online World. Especially in the making money online niche. This niche is the breeding ground for the most number of scams you can find.

    You can’t really trust what you read and see Online. You must do your due diligence to do your own research.

    Wishing you the best!

  3. What’s sad is that this is only one small example of what people are willing to do for a buck. I never heard of Belle Gibson or her story, but lies will catch up to any person.

    Even if her award winning cookbook/app was top notch, very informative , and helpful, it can all be discredited now because of her dishonesty.

    It’s not worth it, honesty truly is the best policy. Thanks for the great article.

    • Anyone who wants to build a robust business that is sustainable needs to have good work ethics. What is the point of starting a business based on lies and have it crumble one day. All that hard work invested into a business has been wasted!

  4. I 100% agree with you. Honesty is the best policy, not only for business but also for everything in life. Honesty will make wonders with your life partner, family, friends, and neighbors.
    I always prefer to be straight forward with all people even if it isn’t the best thing to do sometimes, but being honest will save us from many arguments and not needed talks.
    We have a saying here with the meaning of lying has no legs.

    • Thanks for your comment Mahmood. I like the saying “lying has no legs”. Have not heard that saying before, but it does make sense though :) Honesty does save a person many troubles in life.

  5. Howdy Teresa,

    You are right, the last thing you would want is to invest considerable time and money into a business then having it all taken away because of poor business ethics.

    Love the article by the way, short and to the point and your message comes across well.

    I think everyone that reads your article will reflect on this and make some changes if need be!


    • Hi Benji,
      Good business ethics is definitely a must if people want to avoid damage to their reputation. If I spent many years building a business, and putting my sweat and tears into making it successful, I would hate to have it all destroyed in a short time. Would be a devastating experience for anyone in that kind of position.

  6. Good sentiment. I agree completely. I don’t understand how people can sleep at night when they make a success from lying to everybody. I would like to succeed but could not do it that way. so many people get caught in scams I am glad you are trying to combat it.

    • No one can sustain any long-term business with dishonesty. It will come right back to bite them on the bottom when they least expect it. There is a saying that if you dig your own pit, you will eventually fall into it.

  7. Hello Teresa, You have a very informative website and I too got to learn of dropship which i haven’t heard of, but I am glad I did. I like the way your website is organized, no distractions. On the scams to avoid where you have a link on CLICK just beneath the logo, you click it and it says nothing found sorry, no such page. I wish you all the best on your journey to financial freedom online. Thank you.

  8. Hi Teresa,

    Yeah, I agree with your post above.
    Truly, anyone can make money online.. however, it is those who are true to their business, who are honest to their business, that are really getting trust, and having a long time relationship with their customers.

    Your post is really an eye-opening to all those people who are making online in a dishonest way..

    I really like it.. It’s short.. but it’s very compelling and very informative..

    Good Job, Teresa.. :)
    Looking forward to more post from you.. :)


  9. Hello there!

    I 100%agree with you about honest Policy in business! I feel sorry for the Young person whom you share the history! It should be a cautionnary tale for everybody who is dishonest in business because one day your lies will all backfire to you! Moreover, now nobody will trust her anymore and this is a shame for her! Thank you for your beautiful and strong message!

  10. Teresa,
    It is sad to see people who sacrificed their integrity in exchange for monetary gains. In fact, this happens when I was working as an employee and I see many of my ex-colleagues did not uphold their moral values.
    I fully agree that once your reputation is ruined, it is gone. It takes many years to build a good reputation but it takes minutes to destroy it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Stanley,

      Thanks for commenting. There are so many different types of people out there. It’s not uncommon to find even colleagues or ex-colleagues not upholding their moral values. A person’s choice’s have consequences. If a person decide to do the wrong things, then they will eventually see the results of their actions.

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