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home office setup ideasThis article would explore some of the great home based business office setup ideas that may make our life easier when working from home.

As an online entreprenuer, I have found that one of the things that I do much more than anything else is TYPING! I use the keyboard a lot for my online business. I also sit for prolong hours behind the computer…typing.

Sometimes I can feel my back, neck, and shoulders get sore from sitting too long. So I frequently get up to do some stretches and walk around the home to do other things before going back to working on the computer.

So today, a thought popped into my mind. Wouldn’t it be good to make our home office ergonomic? It will definitely be something to explore further, especially because so much time is spent behind the computer.

Just examining my own work office, I can see so many things that I can change to make working life easier. Below are some of my suggestions on how to change your work station to become more friendlier to your body.


1) Invest In Ergonomic Keyboard

ergonomic keyboardWith any online business, there is going to be lots of typing involved, especially, if you are frequently creating content on your blog or website. So if you can, it’s a great idea to invest in an ergonomic keyboard.

Ergonomic keyboards would benefit you in the long term. Just have a look at the below picture to see how having this type of keyboard will promote a symmetrical alignment of the body, keyboard and monitor.

This ergo keyboard can be found here. CLICK HERE!

ergonomy2) Have A Comfortable Office Chair

ergonomic chairSitting a lot to do work is part of an online entreprenuer’s lifestyle. Your chair will make a big difference to your level of comfort.

It is worth buying a good quality and comfortable chair. I have an executive chair at home with plenty of support for my back.

If you like, you can consider an ergonomic chair. They will help with your posture and have plenty of support for your back too.


3) Consider An Ergo Mouse

ergo mouseThe first time I came across an ergo mouse was a couple of years ago when my sister’s employer had bought her an ergo mouse due to her constant complaints of back and neck pain from her office job.

I have also found that the source of my hand and neck strain is mainly to do with using my mouse frequently.

So I believe that having an ergo mouse would help with reducing pain in these areas.

The design of these devices allow your hand, arm, and wrist to be positioned in a natural manner. Find out more about ergo mice HERE!

4) An Adjustable Footrest

To help with proper positioning of feet and improve circulation, it helps to have an adjustable footrest as part of your home office setup.

5) Stand-Up / Sit-Down Workstations

Having the option to stand up or sit down is a wonderful idea for those who are looking for that type of flexibility. I would love to be able to stand up sometimes to do my work and move my legs.

The benefits of having this flexibility to stand-up or sit-down is show in the video below from HealthPostures TaskMate Go. I wouldn’t mind having one of these.

You can find out more about stand-up/sit-down workstations at HealthPostures, LLC or UpDesk.

6) Walk While You Work

TrekDesk: The Weight is OverI think the idea of being able to do some light exercise, like walking, while you are working tirelessly behind your desk is such a great idea.

Someone actually invested a workstation like this to make it possible. It is called TrekDesk. You are basically walking on a treadmill while you work in your office. Find out more about TrekDesk HERE!

Imagine having one of these as part of your home office setup. Have a look at the video below. I think this idea is awesome. What do you think?


I have come up with 6 great ideas or suggestions for those who are looking into improving their own home office. What ever changes you decide to make on your work office should improve your working lifestyle.

What other ideas can you think of that wasn’t mentioned above that will help others improve their workstation? Would love to hear your thoughts by commenting below.

Hope you have enjoyed this article and thanks for reading.


Great Home Office Setup Ideas — 8 Comments

    • Oh yes that’s a great idea too David. We can also reduce our eye strain from the screen during night time use by installing a free software called f.lux. This will help prevent disruptions to your sleep patterns.

  1. I never heard of the standing office set up, that’s pretty cool! I was working in a hotel Front Office a while back and I had to hunch my back every time I needed to use the computer which was really painful. This is definitely something better, very well written Teresa, keep it up!

    • It certainly helps to have a standing workstation set up. Hunching your back frequently doesn’t sound good.

  2. Hey Teresa,

    Those are some terrific home office ideas! I especially love the TrekDesk, an awesome idea for burning a few calories while getting some work done. I feel the same way as you do about comfort in your home office. I intend to spend a couple of dollars and invest in a comfortable office chair soon.

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