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marketing strategiesWhen a person decides to start a business, they usually have a product or service that they offer to a community of people that solves a particular problem.

Regardless of what type, or size of the business, they all need this crucial element – MARKETING!

What is marketing?

Let’s take a look into what marketing really is. Marketing involves activities that communicate the value of your product/service to your potential customers in order to make sales. Promotional activities may include a mix of online marketing (eg. social media) and traditional marketing strategies (eg. print advertising).

Traditional Marketing includes:

  • Print advertising eg. local paper, magazines, flyers, posters, postcards
  • Word of mouth eg. communication to family, friends, work colleagues
  • Participate in networking events eg. exchange of business cards, speed networking
  • Presentations to groups of people
  • Radio
  • TV commercials (very expensive!)

Online Marketing includes:

  • online-marketing-conceptContent Marketing eg. Blogging
  • Social Media eg. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Create videos on Youtube
  • Classified Ads online eg. Gumtree, Craigslist
  • Participate in online forums
  • Be a guest blogger for popular niche websites
  • Online presentations/webinars

Why Is Marketing Important?

Marketing is very important for businesses to make profitable sales and keep thriving. Just look at what the big businesses are doing with their ads on TV. They are usually very creative! A good advertisement that captures people’s attention can make a big difference and drive sales, especially those annoying ads that customers are more likely to remember for a long, long time.

Using TV commercials as a form of advertising would cost HEAPS of Money! Usually the big businesses can afford it. But, if you have the money, then go ahead and use this form of advertising!

Creative TV commercials that are catchy are more likely to stick to the customers’ head.

Some of my old favorite ads that I still remember for a very long time include the Mortein TV commercial featuring louie the fly. It has such a catchy tune! If you haven’t seen it, watch it in the below video.

Another TV ad that I find very hard to forget is the one from Pizza Hut. Their phone number for pizza hut delivery sticks to my head. Even though this ad was aired in 1993, I still remember the number now! This is what I call effective advertising.

Another one is “The Good Guys” song. As annoying as it sounds, it is also a very effective advertisement.

The soft drink companies, Coca Cola and Pepsi, have very creative TV ads. So those are likely to attract many people too!

Businesses don’t need to use TV commercials to attract customers. Other marketing strategies can be very effective too. The popular trend now is to advertise online!

Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing


  • Reach a global audience
  • Much cheaper – less overheads
  • Work can be automated eg. email autoresponders
  • Online campaign runs 24/7
  • Many tools and data available to work with eg. Google Analytics


  • Difficult to build rapport with people online. Meeting people face to face is a better method in developing the trust of your potential customers. People who trust you are more likely to purchase from you.
  • Customers can not touch or try product before buying. Many shops who sell beauty products or fragrances will have testers available to promote the product to drive sales. This can not be done with online marketing. Unless you state in your online campaign that you have small testers available that you can send to people to try product.
  • Online marketing campaigns will give customer a different experience compared to traditional methods. For example, watching a video online about why a particular brand of car is so good will be different to going to a car show and participating in a test drive. Which one do you think is more effective???


marketing planMarketing is essential for EVERY business to become successful. Without marketing, a business would not survive for very long. If you do NOTHING, then NOTHING HAPPENS!

There are pros and cons to digital marketing over traditional marketing strategies. So, it’s always good practice to use a mixture of marketing strategies for your business. Some strategies will work better for your business over other ones. It just depends on what type of business you have.

If you have a niche business and is really keen on learning how to market your business online effectively, find out my #1 recommendation platform HERE!

If you have a business, what marketing strategies have worked well for you? Please share your experience by commenting below.


Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing — 16 Comments

  1. To be honest, I think some traditional methods of marketing will soon be outdated because the internet is growing at a rapid pace, and so are the online resources that are available to business owners.

    However, word of mouth and networking events will always be effective ways of business building because they are very powerful ways to connect with people face-to-face.

    When it comes to affiliate marketing businesses, online is the best and fastest way to make money.

    The face-to-face approach works best with Network Marketing professionals.

    Both forms of marketing are effective, but if I had to choose one, it would have to be online marketing for sure.



  2. I read your article that describes the comparison between digital marketing vs traditional marketing. You have done an excellent job with the comparison. There are lots of benefits of choosing digital marketing over the traditional marketing strategies. These days, the dependency on traditional marketing is reducing like anything and it is getting more and more expensive to choose traditional marketing.

    • I do agree with you Shivaram. More people are using digital marketing for their business and don’t need to depend on traditional marketing methods now. The reach to a new audience is far greater with online marketing and doesn’t have to cost an arm or a leg :)

  3. Traditional marketing just sounds difficult to me. With the con that I will only reach my immediate area. Digital just seems to make sense with the cost and the global reach that it can have. The caveat for me would be that I feel like I can turn my brain off to ads online, since they are so prevalent. But the cost and work involved in flyers just seems to overbearing.

    • Marketing, in general, is hard work. There are some businesses that just do well with traditional marketing, while others may do better with digital marketing. For example, if I want to buy clothes and shoes, I would rather go to a local shop to try on the clothing or shoes first to see if it looks good on me and feels comfortable, before pulling my wallet out. Some products look great online, but nothing beats going to the physical store to see and touch the product! If a business is selling e-books, then it makes sense to use mainly digital marketing to sell them.

  4. hi there great post and read. I’ve always been interested in online marketing but have never known where to start. I’ve read so many different websites on the topic but I have to say this was by far one of the best reads
    explained so much and have to say. enjoyed watching the videos

  5. Great analysis of the marketing techniques used for both types of businesses. My early businesses failed due to a lack of marketing, opened my eyes to some areas of marketing that I have been missing. Your post will help with my marketing. Thanks for the strategies.
    I will be putting them to good use

    • Yes, marketing is very important in getting the business out there. Without a good strategy in marketing, the business will likely fail.

  6. This content is great! Your GRO site is one place to stop and read. You have presented your ideas in an organized way. You have also defined what marketing is, and why is it important.

    I just want to know something about the Identity Force, I Need Hits, and SaleHoo Stores.

    Would you let me know what these programs are?


    • If you are interested in finding out more about Identity Force, I Need Hits, and SaleHoo Stores, just click on them and it will take you to their website.

  7. As you’ve pointed out here, while digital marketing is a nice avenue to get your message out, traditional marketing is still incredibly effective. It’s even more effective when you have plenty of information about the demographic that you are trying to target so that you can wisely choose the method in which to target them.

  8. Hi Teresa,

    Very interesting article and thanks for sharing it. In my opinion, choosing the right marketing strategy depends on my target group. I agree that very often a combination of traditional and online marketing can bring the wished success.

    If your target group is 50+ it makes sense to makes traditional marketing like send out flyers etc.

    If your target group is around 20 it absolutely makes sense to focus on online marketing like doing ads at Facebook or wherever (depending on your target group ;) )

    What kind of online marketing activities can you recommend?


  9. Great site!

    When it comes to online marketing vs traditional marketing I think of it more as an online marketing Vs Offline marketing. It is in my humble opinion, that a combination of both works best. How often do we know about a website because of a newspaper advert, radio advertising or TV advert.

    Technology has not killed offline marketing and it will not. Just as technology has not make older more dated technology obsolete, TV did nt kill the radio, and internet has not killed the TV.

    In terms of marketing there will be a synergistic symbiotic relationship between the two form of marketing.

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