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BANNERS BROKERBack in September 2012, I first heard about Banners Broker at a social gathering with a few of my friends.

One of my friends shared about a new business opportunity that she got herself into. It’s an online advertising platform that sells both advertising impressions and advertising inventory called Banners Brokers.

She told us that you basically need to invest money into buying those banners and don’t need to do much work.

You just sit there, click here and there, and your money eventually doubles in a short time. The more money you invest into it, the higher your returns.

When I heard this, I was a bit suspicious about this new online business opportunity that she had gotten herself into. She gave us her affiliate link and encouraged a few of us to join under her because she was making lots of money from it.

Not long after that social gathering, I received a call from another friend who had invited me to a Banners Broker presentation and encouraged me to join this business under him. He had bought the most expensive advertisement package and are seeing good returns from it.

But, my gut feeling told me that something wasn’t quite right about this business opportunity. So I did some research into this company to find out more about it before considering investing my hard earned cash onto something that doesn’t seem quite right.

My Banners Broker investigation made me feel a sense of relief that I didn’t fall for this cleverly disguised illegal ponzi scheme. My gut feeling was right after all!

During my investigation, I was seeing so many negative comments posted on Banners Broker’s facebook page by members who have invested thousands of dollars into this so-called advertising business. Many of them had issues with receiving their payment.

There is even a facebook page called Banners Broker Ponzi Scam for those who want to find out the truth about this so-called business. There’s already 10,661 LIKES! That’s a lot of people!

Banners broker ponzi scam

Money treeIf there really is a system out there that allows people to double their money in a legitimate way, then perhaps I would join. But, I don’t believe there is.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. A REAL business requires hard work and dedication!

About a year later, I saw my friend at a birthday party and then asked him how he was doing with with Banners Broker.

He told me that the company has closed down. The system had collapsed. It’s GONE!

It wasn’t good for him because he lost quite alot of money. Some of his family members and friends who had joined under him were also at a loss.

Fake businesses like Banners Brokers are not sustainable. These ponzi scams will eventually collapse and hurt a lot of the members or affiliates who have invested so much money into this system and made a big loss from it.

I feel sorry for the members who have been deceived by this scam though. It can happen to anyone!

If you really want to earn a sustainable income online, invest your hard earned cash on real education and do it properly.

I highly recommend an online university called Wealthy Affiliate. Find out why I recommend this in my review of Wealthy Affiliate. CLICK HERE! 

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Banners Broker Ponzi Scam — 10 Comments

  1. It’s always good to keep up to date on what is and what is not scams. I have saw my share of them but I had never run across Banners Broker. I’ve lost so much money in the past trying to make money online, that it’s sicking. I’m so glad there are people like you out there ready to expose these scams. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks for publishing this honest and courageus review on one of the many ponzi scams people create to rip off others from their money and their dreams. I am sorry for your friend and what he lost after trusting Banners Broker.


    • It is unfortunate that scammers have become so creative that the average person can be easily fooled without digging into it deeper.

  3. Hi.
    Good post. I had never heard of this scam but there certainly are a lot of them. I have been fortunate not to fall for any, and feel bad for those that have been led down the wrong path with false promises.

    • The internet provides such a good place for people to run their own business, but it’s also a place where scammers operate their fake businesses to take advantage of the vulnerable. People just need to be careful.

  4. With all these scums out there it’s great to know that there is people like you who do plenty of research and are willing to inform people on them. Thank you for sharing. I will be stopping by more often!

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