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work from homeA few years ago, I became interested in working from home and started looking online for some ideas.

During my research, I came across many different work at home opportunities such as online data entry jobs, paid surveys, affiliate marketing and other business opportunities.

The idea of having a data entry job where you can work at home sounds very attractive, but it is so easy to get duped into signing up for jobs that are not legitimate online. Some ads can be very convincing, but there are tell tale signs to distinguish between legitimate data entry jobs from those that are scams.

Tell Tale Signs That It’s A Scam

teacherOne of the biggest tell tale signs of home-based data entry jobs is the promise to make big earnings for simple work.

Most data entry jobs don’t have a big pay check associated with them, so if the advertiser is making these claims, then it sounds suspicious.

Some other job scam warning signs include:

  • Asking for credit card information, or wire money for them, or pay for a credit report as part of the application process, pay for training, or anything else related to money laundering activities.
  • Asking for personal information, such as, driver’s licence and social security number.
  • Offered you the job without going through the proper process of application, interview, or meeting the employer.
  • The job description and salary details are not clear.

With any online data entry job or home business opportunities, careful consideration must be taken to ensure that you don’t get scammed. Must do your research!

Let’s take a look at some examples of data entry job scams.

Affiliate Marketing And Pyramid Scams

pyramidSometimes data entry scams are in fact affiliate marketing business opportunities. Although affiliate marketing is a legitimate business opportunity, it requires hard work and time to make money online.

But if the ad gives you the impression that you can make big money fast without much work involved, then watch out!

Don’t know what affiliate marketing is? You can find out how you can use this strategy to make money online HERE!

Some data entry jobs may also be pyramid schemes too because it involves the recruitment of more people to do those online jobs like posting ads on forums and other places. The more people they recruit, the more money they earn.

Online Training Scams

online trainingSome data entry jobs might claim that you need to pay for some training in order to do the job such as online classes and business kits.

If this is the case, then consider it carefully before you pull out your credit card. You might be paying for training that is not really necessary, especially if you can get that information for free elsewhere.

This has happened to me in the past when I was looking into doing data entry from home. I came across a website that looks professional and legitimate, and paid a one-off fee to teach me how to do this type of job. Later on, I realised that anyone can learn this type of stuff online by doing a bit a research. So…really…it can happen to anyone!

But, do keep in mind that there are some specialized data entry jobs that do require proper training in order to do the job. These type of jobs include medical, legal transcription or medical coding. You can find out more about legitimate trascription jobs HERE!


The next time you come across some work from home data entry job, be sure to look out for the warning signs that are mentioned above and use your judgement. It is very easy to get duped into scams.

If you want a legitimate work from home business opportunity, discover for yourself what you are really passionate about, and build your business based on your passion and interest. Learn how affiliate marketing can work for your business HERE!

If you have fallen for a work from home data entry job scam, share about your experience by leaving comments below. Would love to hear about it.


Avoid Work Home Data Entry Scams — 6 Comments

  1. I actually looked into data entry as a viable way of earning an income online years ago. They had everything set up impressively and they sounded very professional…but there was something that just didnt feel right. I’m glad I walked away from it now – especially after reading this, it sounds like it felt at the time

  2. Hi Teresa, this is a useful article and it is good that you have published it. I am sure it will come good to many. I have hear really bad story of people who were scammed on the Internet. The pyramid scheme is not known to me, though I have heard about it a bit. I guess it is responsibility of every person how to behave when they see something like this. Simply do not be greedy, and think logically. Money cannot come from nowhere, there can be no miracle. In other words, getting rich overnight is not a reality. Thank you for the text.

    • Hi Jovo, thanks for your comment. Getting rich overnight happens only in dreams! But, it can happen in reality if a person is lucky and wins the lottery :)

  3. With the increasing unemployment rate and incessant job cuts, working from home is an option one will readily embrace. There are several online business opportunities that one can do from home. But if one is not very careful, one can be duped.
    I think your tell tale signs that an ad may be a scam especially for a data entry job will be very helpful and useful for newbies. Thanks for the enlightment.

  4. Hi Teresa,

    I have not had any direct experience in data entry jobs but I do know about the many scam online. I think you have pointed out some very useful ways to identify less than desirable work from home opportunities.

    A lot of them are asking cash for training you could easily get elsewhere online for free, I guess it’s up to the consumer to educate themselves before paying for anything.

    Thanks for sharing :)

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