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Too Damn Easy

Too Damn Easy scam

Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting scam created by a cash gifting expert named “Q“. A mystery man who hides his real name. I came across his website and the first thing I noticed was an unprofessional video showing six hundred $100 bills. He wants us to see for ourselves what this amount of money looks like.

Q claims to be in business for 15+ years and wants to help others make enormous amounts of money using his cash gifting program, yet he hasn’t done much to convince others why we should trust him and his business.

Why would anyone trust a person named Q? He doesn’t reveal his full name for starters. Who is this mystery guy? I wonder what his real name is. I would not do business with someone who does not reveal his full name. Would you??? This is already a big fat red flag for me!!!

This is definitely another “get rich quick scheme” circulating around the web. The Too Damn Easy Scam is something that I would not get myself involved in or recommend it to anyone else who wants to make money ethically. It’s not a business opportunity, just a scam!

Let’s take a look at how Too Damn Easy works and why it is a scam.

How Does Too Damn Easy Work?

The Too Damn Easy program is a fully automated system and requires people to build their own network of people who are willing to ‘gift’ large amounts of their own hard earned cash away to strangers. Prices start from $2000 – $18000. It’s ridiculously pricey!

There is no product to sell and no guarantee on return, just people passing money from one person to another. Unless you have so much money to throw away, I suggest you keep your money in your pocket! There are better things that you can do with this kind of money.

Too Damn Easy Prices

Once you sign up for this cash gifting program, you are offered some tools and training to help you make money with Too Damn Easy. You are expected to read a 25 page ebook to learn about his expert marketing techniques and how it all works.

You are also given your very own unique referral ID number to be used for recruiting your new members under you. You will be paid for any new members that you pull into this scam!

One of the campaigns that people can use to promote Too Damn Easy is to send out postcards. So you are expected to order postcards with your referral ID printed on them. When people call the 1-800 number and listen to a recording from the gift expert, Q, they are then directed over to the website to sign up!

Too Damn Easy postcard

Does it sound TOO EASY??? 

Do you think it’s easy to make money? Seems like Mr Q wants people to think that way. Only scammers claim that you can get rich very quickly with their programs. They make it sound like money just appears out of thin air. But we know that this isn’t the case in reality!

Do you know anyone who has at least $2000 to throw away? I certainly don’t! I think it’s crazy to give away this kind of money, and NOT have any guarantees that you will receive a return in your investment. With Too Damn Easy, you are not buying ANY products with this money. So really, it is a pyramid scam!!!

Stay away from pyramid scams, they will do you more harm than good. If you don’t know what a pyramid scheme is, read more about it HERE!

If you want to start a legitimate online business, learn all about online marketing with my highly recommended online university, Wealthy Affiliate. Read my review HERE!


Too Damn Easy is 100% SCAM! There is no doubt about it…must avoid!

This cash gifting program is operated by a mystery man named Q, who is offering ridiculously high investment costs, selling no products, with empty promises and hype.

Would you trust Q to help you generate tens of thousands of dollars? I know that I wouldn’t! He hasn’t given me any reason to trust him at all!

Have you come across an expensive scam like this? If so, please share by commenting below!


Avoid The Too Damn Easy Scam — 13 Comments

  1. Hello there Teresa , I am very familiar with this opportunity , if we can call it this way.I had reviewed Mr Q – the expert and this is a total waste of time , a dishonest scam.

    A courier that brings money inside envelopes in the middle of the night was their top slogan.A typical pyramid that does not offer any product , just fake promises.First they ask you to pay these extreme high fees and then you will start making money , yeah right…

    Good for you to expose them , keep on helping people this way.

    • It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? I’m surprised that this scam still manages to find suckers! It’s so obvious that it is a scam! A very expensive one too!

  2. Great review! I’ve seen tons of scams like this one and as I can see Too Damn Easy scam is definitely a scam anyone must avoid. This is a classic model when they lure you into the program and ask to pay a few thousands of dollars with no guarantee on return. I think it’s like you say throwing money away. It really amazes me how shameless they are to ask to pay up to $18.000. Anyone who has some brain can easily understand that it’s nothing more than it’s a pure rip-off. I think it’s too damn easy to spot scams like this one. Nice exposure!

    • That $18K can be used as a down payment for a house. At least it’s tangible! You are guaranteed a valuable product with your money. Why trust a mystery man with your precious $18K? What can he give you? Money is too precious to just throw it away like that!

  3. Hello Teresa!
    I thought it was a joke what the website states. I have personally removed Facebook friends who have tried to get me into this kind of business. Personally, I would then like to have a gift of several thousand dollars.
    But I do not believe that there are some who will give it to me.
    I am a little sad that you have not found the name of MR Q.
    My motto is you can not find the money so let it be. It can quickly become an expensive business to be in.
    I must admit that I have been very skeptical about all these online money making programs. I see you recommend a program called Wealthy Affiliate.
    How can I make sure that it is not just another one of these money schemes?

    • Hi Steen,
      It would be a dream come true if someone suddenly gave me a gift of several thousand dollars :) Businesses like Too Damn Easy will eventually collapse one day. Well, as for Wealthy Affiliate, it is a legitimate program that helps people learn everything about online businesses so that they can start their own. There is nothing hidden, no ridiculous upsells, and complaints are very rare. You can read my article on Wealthy Affiliate Complaints HERE!

  4. Hi, Teresa!

    HA HA… Too Damn Easy sounds like a right cheesy program!

    I think when it comes to unprofessional videos that promote cash, cars, holidays, luxury homes etc… are definitely scams to steer clear of.

    “Q” probably lives in his own little fake James Bond dream world with his Aston Martins and glam women, which maybe true if he’s scamming people out of money.

    I would never invest such large amounts of money into programs like this, in a million years!

    The owner of Too Damn Easy may have some people fooled, but the scammer certainly doesn’t fool me!

    Great review :)


    • I feel sorry for those who did fall for Too Damn Easy! It’s so obvious that it’s a scam. It’s too damn easy to identify!

  5. This is crazy this business idea. I have never heard of too Damn easy. I can’t believe businesses like this are able to exist still. Is there not a regulator who polices these things and can shut them down. I wonder if anyone has every joined this business and made money? On another note, can you tell me in a sentence what is wealthy affiliate about?

  6. Thanks for writing this kind of scam exposure articles. More people need to realize the dangers of buying into random systems online.
    One of the hallmarks of these scams is that they don’t give a description of a legitimate business model. If you look at their sales pages, often time it’s just generic testimonials, fake checks and photoshopped “earning proof”, and hard sell of the system.
    There is no useful content at all!

    • Hi Edward,
      The sales page gives out lots of signs that it’s a scam. I don’t understand why there are people that keep falling for it. It’s so obvious!

  7. Hi Teresa, thanks so much for your expose’. Having to deal with anyone without a name, who requires me to pay anything or use a lot of my precious time upfront for a starter is a no! no! for me. I’d rather a FREE starter trial.
    That he’s selling nothing and offering empty promises is another big NO!
    I wouldn’t trust this Mr. Q or anyone else like him at all!

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