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textingScams are everywhere! It was only recently that I came across this popular chinese sex scam while having a relaxing lunch and reading the news online.

I thought this one was an interesting one to write about because it affected an Australian guy from Canberra.

David, a 24 year old student from Australian National University is the first victim to be duped in Australia. Who knows how many others in Australia will be affected later on.

This chinese sex scam is very common in the US and in other countries such as China and Singapore.

It involves scammers posing as attractive women (eg. sex workers or students) in need of money to lure young men looking for love to purchase cards or online shopping credits in return for sex.

These attractive women will often befriend their victims by chatting them up via social media apps such as WeChat and iAround. The Australian victim, David, quotes: “They start talking to other people, claiming to be students from China, Singapore or Taiwan, and as the conversation goes on eventually they will say they really need money,”

You can read more about David’s experience with this scam HERE!

After the scammer have befriended their victims, they then request them to pay in advance by purchasing the cards, such as iTunes vouchers, and sending through images of the receipts and PIN numbers. The scammer then redeems and onsells the voucher.

The scammers know that men are easy targets for this type of scam, especially young single hot blooded men. So we need to warn the men in our lives about this type of criminal behaviour so that they don’t fall for it.

Hope you have enjoyed this article. Have you come across this chinese sex scam before? Please leave comments below.


A Popular Chinese Sex Scam — 14 Comments

  1. hi Teresa
    it is incredible the scams there are out there these days! They seem more and more sophisticated but are always a variant of the same theme. Young “women” trying to scam young men. However, I had never heard of the gift cards scams. I guess it has a better chance of working than money

    • Some scams are so sophisticated that people cant initially tell that they are scams until they have fallen for them. Just have to be careful and watch for red flags i guess. If something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isnt.

  2. Hi Teresa,

    I hadn’t heard of this particular scam before, but praying on a persons need for intimacy is quite common I believe. I will have a look through my spam box to see if I have received any requests of this nature.

    Good to know you are highlighting these scams – Martyn

    • Scammers are always thinking up of different ways to get people’s money. They seem to have so much time on their hands to do this sort of stuff to innocent people. They make a living deceiving people rather than getting a proper job.

  3. Thanks for the idea – I need some new music :D
    Just kidding, of course, but flippin heck! The guy really should have known something was up as soon as he was asked for iTunes vouchers instead of cash……. As someone else said in the article it’s just foolish to fall for something like that. And despite what this says, I doubt very much that this student was the first to be scammed like this – he’s just the first to go to the police about it because everyone else just slapped their foreheads and thought “DOH!!!”
    Great article :)

    • Yes I have thought about that too. There might be more people in Australia that feel embarassed to admit that they fell for this scam too. :)

  4. Yeah, this chinise sex scam is so popular now.
    I myself had been approached by one of them from Wechat. But lucky me, that I couldn’t understand chinese, so she stop chatting me.
    One of my friend almost fell into the trap. The woman asked him to transfer her money first before having sex. This is a very obvious move of a scammer!

  5. Oh wow! Im seriously shocked at this type of scam going around…. I guess things don’t change.. we really need to be careful of what we see online

    • Yes that’s why men need to be carefull. It’s not their fault that they are very visual. Scammers always like to look for weaknesses in people.

  6. These scams may seem obvious to some of us, but the truth is that they obviously work.
    My stepdaughter was delighted when she put a pair of new Timberland boots on a second-hand website and a buyer offered to buy them for more than the asking price. She fell for it completely and was on the verge of doing the deal when I heard about it and warned her off. In fact she was pissed with me and didn’t want to believe she was been scammed.
    I went online and found that the modus operandi of the supposed buyer was described exactly as part of a known scam. Then she believed me.
    She was dissappointed, but at least she didn’t lose her money.

    • The sad reality is that most scams online seem to work because there’s always some people that fall for them. That’s why there are so many scams circulating around the internet ready to catch another person off guard.

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