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In any company, there will be a team of people with their own unique set of skills and knowledge who work together and contribute to the success of the company. Whether you are a business owner who hires people to work for you, or a manager for someone else’s company, the way you treat your team members matters!team

There are ways to inspire your team to perform above and beyond what is expected of them. One of the greatest management principle is ENCOURAGEMENT! Successful business owners and managers should know the value of encouragement to inspire their team to keep up with their good work and make the company more successful.

This is usually done in the form of a reward! Rewarding a certain kind of behavior will encourage individuals to keep doing it. So if a team member is doing a great job, you acknowledge that behavior by rewarding that person.

Behaviour that is rewarded is behavior that will continue…

thumbs upReward people for the right behavior and you will get the right results. So basically, you will get what you reward! If people see little or no relationship between what they do and how they are rewarded, then they are likely to withhold their best efforts.

This principle also applies to other situations too, not just with colleagues. For example, if you have a dog and want to train him/her to perform certain actions like ‘sit’, you need to reward the dog for the right behavior by giving treats or praises. This will encourage the dog to keep doing this behavior every time you give the command ‘sit’!

Now let’s take a look at some great ways that you can reward your team to inspire them to continue their good work.

8 Top Ways To Reward Your Team

#1 Money

moneyOne of the best ways to encourage your team members to keep performing to the best of their ability is monetary reward. This will show your colleagues your appreciation of their good work.

There is a saying that goes “Pay for leadership and you get leaders. Pay peanuts and you get monkeys!” :)

#2 Recognition

Recognition is a great way to let people know that they are meeting a need and doing a great job at it.

#3 Time-Off

If people have been staying back at work for extended hours to finish of a project to meet a deadline, you can show them how grateful you are for their hard work and long hours by offering them some time-off work. Perhaps a half-day or a day-off work.

#4 A Lunch Treat

pastaIf the company is doing quite well because everyone is working so hard to make things work, then perhaps some budget can be put aside to treat your team members lunch once a month.

Who doesn’t like a good feed occasionally? These little treats would make people feel happier that the company values their efforts.

#5 Advancement/Promotion

Those who keep producing high quality work should have some opportunity to move up the company.

#6 Freedom

Everyone has their own style of doing things. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to individuals. Everyone is unique. So if you give individuals their freedom to do their work with their own unique style rather than try to fit them into some mold, then they are more likely to perform better.

But of course, this really does depend on what job the workers are doing as well. For example, food manufacturers are highly regulated and require workers to stick to procedures to produce the desired result. But, if you are a car sales person, there is no script to stick to. Some people are just better at selling than others.

#7 Personal Growth Opportunities

You can offer opportunities for your team members to help them develop their career. Examples include education, books, and conference attendance.

#8 Gifts

presentGoing out of your way to find a special gift for those who keep performing the best they can will show appreciation for their work and how thoughtful you are.

Perhaps you can ask your colleagues to nominate a team member who deserves a gift for their hard work.


Encouragement is the key to the success of a business. It is the people with a mixture of unique qualities and skills within the company that drives that success. These people need to be encouraged in different ways to keep doing a great job to achieve the right results for the business.

Rewarding peoples efforts as a form of encouragement is one of the most powerful ways to keep people happy and put in their best efforts!

Thanks for reading. Hope this article have given you some inspiration to go out and encourage your team members. If you help others succeed, then business will be better than ever!


8 Ways To Inspire Your Team — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Teresa what your wrote in this post is very true and it is a darn shame that employers and managers do not see it that way. They think that having employees around is more of a liability than an asset and therefore treat employees negatively. It costs so little to show a little kindness. Sad to say it is happening at the University here and even in my own department but I do not let this keep me down. I stay positive and work hard and like you, one day I would not mind working online full time instead of working for someone else sheesh. I have bookmarked this website for future but keep up the good work dear! We need more persons like you to spread these positive words.

  2. This is a great post on tips on how to encourage one’s team to give out their best. i guess this will be a great article for managers and business owners who have no idea as to how to motivate their staff.

    I have really learnt quite new ways of rewarding staff which I never thought of. I will suggest one of these in our next meeting at the office

    Thanks for sharing this info

  3. Great advice – I haven’t exactly got a team under me but a few of the pointers here can be applied to certain business activities ( self employed! ). I especially like the way you covered freedom here as a way of inspiring workers – it just about inspires everyone! Great post!

    • Thanks Chris. Many self-employed people who are starting out don’t usually have a team under them. But if the business takes off and grows larger, then probably need to consider a team of people to help take care of different parts of the business. So if you have a team one day, then this article will give you some helpful ideas to inspire you team.

  4. Awesome article, I do think this applies to every area of life such as business as you say, churches, schools, colleges and what I feel is one of the most important is the the home.

    I think some companies are so unfair and treat their employees like scum, why would the management even believe their employees would stay?

    My daughter recently started college and the teacher is so unreasonable. Some students smoke all day long so they get to go out for a 5-10 min smoke break. My daughter on the other who wants to work hard and learn asked the teacher if she could sit down for 5 minutes because she was feeling extra tired that day and the teacher said NO! Is there any wonder folks are being discouraged?

    You have got it so right and I want every organisation to read your article.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sharon. I also agree with you that some companies don’t treat their employees very well. If employees are not happy, then they are probably looking for ways to get out of the company and look elsewhere for something better.

  5. Hmmm…some extra money would really encourage me to work harder! I’m not a business owner or CEO, but I can tell you the worker’s perspective.

    Working myself crazy for low pay is no fun. I personally think that a monetary reward would work the best. Maybe that’s why you put it first.

    Second is recognition. People really do need to feel appreciated,or else they’ll feel depressed and wont do quality work.

    • Hi Ben,
      Well, monetary reward is considered most effective and attractive to employees. Most employees would not mind an extra few dollars on top of their pay check for doing a great job. Yes, recognition for hard work is something that would make employees feel appreciated. We all need something to encourage us to continue performing to the best of our ability.

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